Pei Wu

Pei Wu


Department of Computer Science and Applied Math

Weizmann Institute of Science


I am broadly interested in theoretical computer science. My recent research interests are query complexity, communication complexity and analysis of boolean functions.

I am currently a postdoc at Weizmann Institute of Science. I obtained my Ph.D. degree at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I am extremely fortunate to have Prof. Alexander Sherstov as my advisor. My disseration is Communication and Computation . I also spent two fantastic years as a postdoc member at Institute for Advanced Study, under the supervision of Prof. Avi Wigderson. Before UCLA, I obtained my Bachelor’s degree at Nanjing University and Master’s degree at Dartmouth college.

My curriculum vitae , and research statement .

Recent Publications

Dimension Independent Disentanglers from Unentanglement and Applications

F. G. Jeronimo, P. Wu
CCC 2024

The Power of Unentangled Proofs with Non-negative Amplitudes

F. G. Jeronimo, P. Wu
STOC 2023
QIP 2024 contributed talk
Talk at Simons

An Optimal “It Ain’t Over till It’s Over” Theorem

R. Eldan, A. Wigderson, P. Wu
STOC 2023
Talk at IAS

An Optimal Separation of Randomized and Quantum Query Complexity

A. A. Sherstov, A. A. Storozhenko, and P. Wu
STOC 2021
QIP 2021 contributed talk

Near-Optimal Lower Bounds on the Threshold Degree and Sign-rank of AC0

A. A. Sherstov, P. Wu
STOC 2019

Invited to appear in SIAM Journal on Computing (special issue for STOC 2019)

Optimal Interactive Coding for Insertions, Deletions, and Substitutions

A. A. Sherstov, P. Wu
FOCS 2017

IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 65(10):5971–6000, 2019.

More Talks

Black Cats, White Cats, and Schrodinger’s Cats

2021@Institute for Advanced Study

Recent Results on Query Complexiy

2021@Institute for Advanced Study (Part 1 ) (Part 2 )


Outstanding Graduate Student Research Award (Computer Science Department, UCLA)

June 2020

Dissertation Year Fellowship (Graduate Division, UCLA)

October 2020


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